The Manfred and Penny Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR) – a dynamic forum that bridges clinical practice and research, and provides opportunities for collaboration. If you are involved or interested in interdisciplinary music therapy research I invite you to join us.

We will provide you with research facilities and opportunities to engage in joint scholarship, and an environment that will nurture global dialogue and networking by using internet, video-conferences and research seminars that concentrate on specific topics. We are interested in applying diverse approaches – some from within the discipline of music therapy and some from allied disciplines – and in forging important and innovative links between research findings. Research Clusters will be generated to take on specific evidence- or practice-based music therapy topics. Please see our web-site for current activities and feel free to offer your own ideas.

Join our international team – make connections.
Heidi Ahonen, Ph.D., Director of Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research