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We will endeavour to introduce new research findings and ideas as they become available, as well as profile leaders and pioneers in this field.

You can (1) post your own threads, your own discussion (i.e. introduce your own research ideas, clinical examples, submit your own article or an interesting article you found, or simply ask questions…). This then allows other people to comment. (2) Alternatively, you can post comments on existing threads. If you have previously written or you have found interesting article authored by someone else about the Neuromusical Research topic or field, you can also submit this. Just include the references. This blog is not a publication. It is a forum to enhance the discussion.

Prior to starting a new topic, or responding to existing posts, new registrants are now required to send an email to the forum admin. Register a username then send an email to including “user spectator status” as the subject and your user name in the text body. Do not send passwords.

Once registered, a user will have the ability to post in either the Low Frequency Sound Research or Neuromusical Research Forum. This policy is to eliminate forum spam and does not affect existing users, or users with prior approved posts.

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