Who We Are


I want to take a moment and introduce who we are.

We are researchers, clinicians, and students interested in music medicine and neurological findings behind music medicine, music therapy and low frequency sound treatments. Our mission is to connect researchers and clinicians who are exploring the neurological foundation, entrainment, therapeutic rationale, and effects of music, low frequency treatments, and music therapy.

This site is an introduction to two forums Neuromusical Research and  Low Frequency Research.  The forums  introduce new research findings and ideas as they become available.  We hope researchers and students find our material useful when they plan their studies and prepare their literature reviews. The main idea of this blog is to connect, exchange ideas, and to share information.

Fascinated in low frequencies? Excited of the clinical impact of low frequency sound waves? Interested in low frequency sound related research? User of Physioacoustic chairs, Vibroacoustic systems, Somatron, etc.?  If so, the Low Frequency Research  Forum is for you.

Interested in music medicine and neurological findings behind music therapy?  Excited in Music-Mind-Brain connection?  Fascinated in music entrainment ?  If so, the Neuromusical Research Forum is for you.

You can register and then post comments on existing threads (comments can be added at end of each thread), or start your own discussion. To start your own thread, just click on the most appropriate heading or theme, create a title for your post and add your comment.

Looking forward for having dialogue with you!
Warm Regards,
Heidi Ahonen,  Ph.D., MTA
Professor of Music Therapy
Wilfrid Laurier University
Faculty of Music