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      Tyler Akey


      Citation: Plener, P. L., Sukale, T., Ludolph, A. G., & Stegemann, T. (2009). “Stop Cutting–Rock!”: A Pilot Study of a Music Therapeutic Program for Self-Injuring Adolescents. Music and Medicine, 2(1), 59-65

      Affiliation: University of Ulm

      Nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a common phenomenon in adolescence. This pilot study blended elements of dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents (DBT-A) with music therapy to reduce NSSI in a project for self-injuring female adolescents (N 1⁄4 5; mean age: 14 years 8 months; age range: 14-16 years). Four out of the 5 female adolescents had stopped self-injuring at the end of the program, and the depression score declined. The program proved to be a feasible alternative in an outpatient setting, although severe suicidal ideation presented as a problem. Blending different therapeutic approaches might be an interesting way to tailor effective treatments for specific patient groups.

      Keywords: nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), self-harm, music therapy, dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents (DBT-A), adolescents

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