A Feasibility Study of the Effects of Music . . . in Patients with Parkinson's

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      Tyler Akey

      Link: http://mmd.iammonline.com.libproxy.wlu.ca/index.php/musmed/article/view/390/264

      Citation: Clair, A.A., Lyons, K.E., & Hamburg, J. (2012). A feasibility study of the effects of music and
      movement on physical function, quality of life, depression, and anxiety in patients with
      Parkinson disease. Music and Medicine, 4(1), 49-55. doi:10.1177/1943862111425680

      Affiliations: University of Kansas

      Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the possible effects of an exercise program facilitated by auditory music cues on the
      motor function, balance, trunk flexibility, upper limb range of motion, self-perceived daily functioning, and self-perceived quality of
      life in persons with Parkinson diseases (PDs). Pretest and posttest measures for 7 participants resulted in significant improvements
      in mean Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating scale (UPDRS) activities of daily living scores, the ‘‘Timed Up and Go’’ test, and
      trunk rotations to the right and left. It was concluded that the exercise program that includes musical cues for physical movements
      is feasible as an intervention to improve movement and quality of life in persons with PD. Although the study provides preliminary
      evidence for the feasibility of the music-facilitated exercise program, further research with a larger cohort is necessary to determine
      the long-term program outcomes.

      Keywords: exercise outcomes, music cues, Parkinson disease

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