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      3rd International Music Therapy Research Conference

      Improvisation – Exploring the Art & Science of Clinical Practice

      May 25-28, 2011

      Manfred & Penny Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR)

      Wilfrid Laurier University

      Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

      Core research topics will include…

      Micro- and macro analysis

      Resources and styles

      New research initiatives

      Cultural perspectives

      Community music therapy

      Music Psychotherapy

      Music-Centered practice




      Highlights of the conference will include…

      Concert of compositions by Paul Nordoff

      Inauguration of the Music Therapy Improvisation Collective

      Clinical improvisational workshop with the Penderecki String Quartet

      The conference will explore past and present research on clinical improvisation and create a community of innovation and collaboration. Integrating the science and art of clinical practice is a debate that has been central to the development of music therapy and is a subject that has caused much controversy. Improvisation as clinical practise is at the interface of this questioning. This conference aims to bring together improvisation researchers and practitioners, to facilitate discourse, and encourage connections.

      A unique aspect of this conference is that delegates will present a 60 min paper followed by a 45 min discussion. This format has been central to previous conferences and allows for rich discourse and active participation.

      Call-for-papers to be announced Winter 2010.

      Keynote speakers to be announced Winter 2010.

      Ontario is a vibrant province in Canada with many potential tourist attractions. Waterloo is situated near Toronto and Niagara Falls.

      Website: http://www.musictherapyconference2011.org

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