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      Croatian Physicians’ Music Society

      Croatian Medical Association


      HR 10000 Zagreb.

      Tel. 00385/91 7383 023


      Zagreb, October 29 2009

      I N V I T A T I O N

      5th symposium: Medicine and Music with international participation

      We invite you for active participation on this symposium with a topic (duration 10 minutes).

      Croatian jubilee symposium with international participation – Medicine and Music – takes place from February 18 – 20 2010 at University hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Av. Gojka Å uÅ¡ka 6 and will gather many scientists from the field of music therapy (Thursday and maybe Wednesday – pre-workshops), the musicians’ and other performing artists’ disorders (Friday) and composers’ creativity and diseases (Saturday). Just to remind, the 1st International Congress of Music therapy (and Social Psychiatry) took place in Zagreb 40 years ago, in 1970. We maintain and broaden this tradition according to this and other jubilees (50 years of scientific research in this area in Croatia). A concert of Zagreb Physicians’ Choir is also scheduled. The members of the choir will also participate in the organization and guidance of this symposium. Languages: Croatian and English.

      Sponsors: Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences Zagreb, University Hospital Dubrava, Music Academy Zagreb, Croatian Radio – Television, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, City and City Council of Zagreb, Embassies.

      Presidents: Darko Breitenfeld, Mijo Bergovec

      Vice-Presidents: Miroslav Prstačić, Ladislav Krapac, Goran Ivkić, Tomislav Breitenfeld

      Secretaries: Tomo Lucijanić, Marko Lucijanić, Roko Granić, Marijo Vodanović, Davor Kust, Božidar Perić

      Time schedule: Thursday, February 18 2010, 12.00-20.00 – Music therapy

      Friday, February 19 2010, 12.00-20.00 – Performing musicians’ diseases

      Saturday, February 20 2010, 09.00-17.00 – Composers’ creativity and


      Hotels***: Central (Railway Station, Branimirova 3), phone: +385 1 484 11 22

      Jadran (Garage), Vlaška 50, phone: +385 1 455 38 77

      Jaegerhorn, Ilica 14, phone: +385 1 483 38 77

      Daily price (bed 1/1 & breakfast): around 90 €

      Thursday, February 18 2010, 12.00 – Music therapy

      Topics: Hystorical themes od the symposium (including Baglivi and Baiamonti).

      Current state of music therapy.

      Neurophysiological basis of music-therapy methods.

      Music at healthy and sick person (prevention and therapy).

      Music at work, in the war, in the traffic.

      Music in dentistry, surgery, anesthesia.

      Treatment implementation in children.

      Music therapy and rehabilitation, pedagogy, psychology, sociology and musicology.

      Music therapy and rehabilitation at behavioural and habit disorders.

      Music therapy and rehabilitation at child neurosis and autism.

      Music rehabilitation at children with special needs:

      hearing, speech, sight and movement disorders, mental retardation etc.

      Music therapy and rehabilitation at adults: neurological disorders, stroke, aphasia and

      amusia, high blood pressure, coronary disease, arrhythmias, asthma, tuberculosis,

      ulcer disease, ulcerative colitis, hyperthyreosis and other psychosomatic diseases;

      psychiatric disorders: psychosis, psychoorganic conditions, geriatrics, depression,

      neurosis, behaviour disorders, somatoform disorders, alcoholism, substance abuse,

      sleep disorders, epilepsy.

      Friday, February 19 2010, 12.00 – Performing musicians’ diseases

      Topics: Risk factors and disorder causes, neurokinesiology of virtuosity, evolution of the


      prevention, diagnostics (x-ray, electro-,etc), therapy;

      disorders of the eyesight, hearing, voice (appoggio at singers), lips, gullet, throat at

      wind-pipe players (temporomandibular joint), neck, shoulders, arms and hands, back

      at percussion, piano and other keyboard players, dancers;

      therapeutic, physical, surgical and other procedures;

      rheumathologic, orthopedic, neurologic, dermatologic, cardiorespiratory, psychiatric

      and addiction aspects, psychological problem of a talent, competitions, stage fright

      Medico – legal aspects.

      Saturday, February 20, 9,00 – Creativity and diseases of composers

      Topics: Creativity, depression, sexual orientation etc; group of disorders at composers:

      psychosis, depression, suicide, personality disorder, neurosis, all types of addiction,

      stroke and other neurologic diseases, syphilis-progressive paralysis-tabes dorsalis,

      tumor and operation, infectious diseases with plague: non-specific fever, lung

      diseases including pneumonia, sudden cardiac death, atherosclerosis, chronic

      diseases, 80 and 90 genarians composers, endocrinologic disorders and diabetes,

      nephrologic-urologic, gynecologic-obstetric, gastrointestinal, rheumatologic

      (disablement) disorders, blind, deaf, traumatized, drowned, poisoned, murdered, war

      injuries – holocaust.

      Croatian Physicians? Music Society 6th Croatian Symposium with

      Croatian Medical Association International Participation

      «ŽIVOT», UTJEŠINOVIĆEVA 4A «Medicien and Music»

      HR 10000 ZAGREB University Hospital Dubrava

      Contact number: +385 91 73 83 023 (2nd floor on the left – Central Auditory

      E-mail: darkob@kbsm.hr Zagreb, Av. G. Šuška 6

      A P P L I C A T I O N F O R M

      First name: __________Olav__________ Last name: _________Skille___________

      Home adress: _____Munkegaten 12 a___ Phone: ________+47 47758112_______

      Institution: ________International Society for Music in Medicine


      Phone (at work) ________________ Fax: ______________ E-mail: __olav@skille.org

      Profession: ____Retired professor____________ Participation: active / passive / workshops

      Topic – theme: ____VibroacousticTherapy – Low Fequency Sound massage. The audiopharmacy.

      Technical equipment requested: _______PowerPoint ________________________

      Application date: 29. October 2009 Olav Skille

      I remember the 1st (Or was it the second?) congress of Social Pychiatry in Dubrovnik 1980.

      30 years!

      In this letter I will present you the facts on history of the contemporary music therapy in Europe. In the 60’s music therapy was developed in the following European cities: London, Birmingham (founded by Alvin, Knight, Fenwick, etc.), Vienna (founded by Koffer-Ulrich, Schmoelz, etc.), Zagreb (founded by Breitenfeld, Hudolin), Amersfoort, Paris, Hamburg, Herdecke. At that time I succeeded in educating many collaborators in Croatia and other ex-Yugoslavian republics and we organised many international symposia in that field. It culminated with the most eminent international conference in music therapy until then. It was the International Congress of Music Therapy which was a part of the Third World Congress of Social Psychiatry (Zagreb, August 1970). There were about a hundred active participants (USA: Fish-Thompson, Gaston, Muscatevc, Michel, Braswell, etc.; Germany: Willms, Eschen, etc.; Austria: Koffer-Ulrich, Schmoelz, Castelliz, etc.; Italy, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Japan, etc.). Two factors contributed to the fact that the congress was such a success. First, social psychiatry was highly developed in Croatia. Second, so many distinguished music therapists could take part from the Western world and communist countries as Croatia’s communism was not that strict so it was an ideal place for gathering. The next congress in Paris 1974 was arranged at the congess in Zagreb. I am really convinced that this congress was the first significant international music therapy meeting. I sincerely hope and expect that the Congress will be appreciated as such throughout the World. I could send you the copy of the programme of the Congress and if you are especially interested,the procedings of it.

      In the last thirty years we have been very active in other fields of medicine and music, i.e. in pathographies (diseases of composers) and performing musicians’ and dancers’ disorders. As a result, many articles and some books have been published.

      Croatian Physicians’ Music Society

      Croatian Medical Association



      HR 10000 ZAGREB

      Tel. 00385 91 7383023


      Zagreb, October 29 2009

      I N V I T A T I O N

      (Sponsor – Adress)

      Dear Sir,

      We would highly appreciate, if you could sponsor, at least to some extent this Symposium: Medicine and Music, so that your employees – citizens could participate without fees, hotel and travel expences . The persons are:



      I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Yours truly

      Darko Breitenfeld, Ass.Professor, M.D., Ph.D.

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      The date of this conference has changed.

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