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      The conformity of BPP and vibroacoustic stimulation results in fetal non reactive non stress test

      The most frequently used test for evaluation of fetal health is the Non Stress Test (NST). Unfortunately it has a high incidence of false positive results. M. Modarres, M. Mir Mohammad Ali, H. Haghani, R. Arami, P. Rahnamaat Teheran University of Medical Sciences found that the combination of vibroacoustic stimulation with the NTS has been shown to reduce non reactive results. All cases with fetal reactivity response after a VAS had a subsequent BPP score of 8 (negative predictive value of 100%). False positivity of VAS was lower than NST. The researchers concluded: ” VAS offers benefits, by decreasing the incidence of non reactive test and reducing test time. VAS lowers the rate of false positive NST. VAS is safe and allows more efficient of prenatal service.This test could be used as a rapid antepartum test to predict fetal well-being.”

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      Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Ahonen- Eerikainen

      Affiliation: Music Therapy Department, Faculty of Music, Wilfrid Laurier University

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