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      The effects of vibroacoustic music on symptom reduction

      Patrick, G.

      Dept. of Med., NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA; Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE. March-April 1999 Volume: 18, Issue: 2 On page(s): 97-100

      ISSN: 0739-5175


      This present study describes the outcome of a recreation therapy program of vibroacoustic music (VAM) offered to hospitalized patients. In order to provide patients with assistance in achieving the relaxation response, recreation therapists at a major federal research hospital created several relaxation opportunities for patients and family members. The present results suggest the value of using VAM to induce the relaxation response in order to reduce the symptom burden of hospitalized patients. These findings point to an avenue of future research using careful patient selection, assignment, controls, variable dosage, and longer follow-up periods to test the durability of VAM interventions.

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