relevant reduction of leiomioma ( uterus fibroma)

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      diego kriscak

      during last month I have used the vibroacoustic bed with a old lady for pains to the back. I have used many frequencies. after this period of tretatment, during hers last gynecological visit, the gynecologist has found a remarkable reduction of leiomioma. great surprise by the gynecologist! She promises me to send all the relative documentation (echography also) (and she told me that the old lady is not making no cure specific about leiomioma)

      Do You Have already felt something about that?


      let me know


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      Sounds exciting!!! This would make like a great reseach case study, I think. I know two studies with low frequencies and patients with gynegological problems.

      Burke, M. (1997). Effects of physioacoustic intervention on pain management of post operative gynecological patients. In T. Wigram, T. & Dileo, C. (Eds.). Music Vibration and Health. Cherry Hill, NJ: Jeffrey Books.

      Walters, C.L. (1996). The psychological and physiological effects of vibrotactile stimulation, via a Somatron, on patients awaiting scheduled gynecological surgery. Journal of Music Therapy, 33(4):261-287.

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      diego kriscak

      It could be very important, I know. I hope that the University of Trieste supports this research.

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      Great. It sounds like metabolism and blood circulation increase in her uterus and guts by vibroacoustic treatment. That is a very common effect, I believe. I think that Leiomioma do not fade away completely because it is a tumor in a muscle, but the size of it will reduce by increased metabolism. The quality of life improves because pain decreases, of course. If it is possible to study this case, I suggest you focus in hormone levels also because it’s quite obvious that vibration effects in those too.

      One way to treat and reduce the size of leiomioma is a use of hormones like GnRH-agonists. I believe(by my observations and research) that vibration increases the level of noradrenaline in the body and this can explain the reduction of leiomioma. It is because noradrenaline stimulates the excretion of hormones (which GnRH-agonists also stimulate) and reduces the size of the tumor automatically. I have to say that vibration will help the body in it’s own healing process. It’s getting really interesting, thanks for sharing this case Diego.. :)

      Kind regards,

      Marco Kärkkäinen

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      Ana Katusic

      dear Diego,

      it’s really interesting for me as well to read about your observation. you know the same process happen to me. i have had myoma in 2006(almost 4cm). this is also the year when i started to use the low frequency sound in the treatment of neurologicaly challanged children. If you remeber my presentation in Congress in Zagreb than you know that when I am treating a baby I am often also on the equipment. So, in March 2009 my myoma completely disappeared! My gynecologist was also surprised, although she belives that myoma can fade ayway by its self. And I agree with Marco, it’s a muscle tumor and I didn’t heared that they are fading away so easily.

      Anyway, I hope that University will support this research. Heidi already gave you great references, but please check also with Olav for additional ones.

      warm regards from Croatia


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      diego kriscak

      dear Ana,

      thank you very much for your reply.

      do you remember which frequencies you have used in those circumstances?

      for the moment I am working with some volunteers, but no university financing.

      perhaps in a second time, we will see.

      greetings from trieste


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      Ana Katusic

      diego, i have used mostly 40Hz. greetings from zagreb. ana

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