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      Welcome to the low frequencies forum. The mission of this blog is to connect researchers and clinicians who are excited in researching the therapeutic use and scientific effects of low frequencies (Physioacoustic, Vibroacoustics, Somatron, etc.) . By connecting and encouraging researchers working on various aspects of sound frequencies throughout the world to exchange and share ideas and information about the therapeutic use of low frequency sound, we hope to further the goals and results of this type therapy. We will endeavour to introduce new research findings and ideas as they become available, as well as profile leaders and pioneers in this field.


      You can (1) post your own threads, your own discussion (i.e. introduce your own research ideas, clinical examples, submit your own article or an interesting article you found, or simply ask questions…). This then allows other people to comment. (2) Alternatively, you can post comments of existing threats. If you have previously written or you have found interesting article authored by someone else about the low frequency topic you can also submit this. Just include the references. This blog is not a publication. It is a forum to enhance the discussion.

      Just add your twitter username “@user”, or a #hashtag, anywhere in your post to automatically link to Twitter.  Adding the @example_username will allow others to visit your twitter page and #topic for a Twitter search link.

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