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      Disturbances in the interplay between man and man’s environment is called stress. We meet such challenges by trying to produce more – or by withdrawing (“fight or run”). Stress reactions will be released in the body by these reactions. The whole human being is influenced by these reactions, – we change behaviour and physiological reactions can be observed. Man’s adaption to today’s environment must be seen from an evolutionary point of view. The adaption is poor. It took us millions of years of development to become the species we are to-day, and in most of this time lapse the conditions for survival have been quite different than the conditions we meet to-day. The basic requisitions for the survival of our ancestors were mostly of physical nature. To-day’s challenges are mostly of psychological nature. The physiological stress reactions – being influenced by the stress-hormones adrenaline, noradrenalin and cortisol – enabled our ancestors to be ready for physical efforts: fight or flee! The psychological challenges of to-day will release the same stress-reactions, but we do not start the reactions which are designed to rid us of the stress-hormones: physical action. Vibro Acoustic Therapy can help us to reduce the effects of these “un-necessary” physical reactions in the same way as f. ex jogging is contributing to prevent the negative effects of stress. This “silent jogging” is also suitable for persons who, by any reason, are unable to use physical exercise as a stress-reducing procedure.

      Source: Olav Skille

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      Mariana Franco, Nurse of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein – HIAE, São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

      Andrea Bezerra Rodrigues, Master’s degree; Lecturer of Nursing in Oncology at Faculdade de Enfermagem do Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein – HIAE, São Paulo (SP), Brazil.

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